Porton Down UFO Landing

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In this section from Bases 2 Take 2, crop circle researcher and pilot Busty Taylor, describes a UFO landing at Britain’s secret experimental base at Porton Down, near Stonehenge, in Wiltshire.
The landing was witnessed! A large stuctured craft coming down from high in space, to land at Porton, with all the lights on, after the office workers go home.
What’s more a Deep Underground Military Base, or DUMB, has been witnessed under Stonehenge, no doubt connecting with Boscombe Down, Porton, and who knows, the infamous Peasemore/Welford PGLF base north of Newbury.
We have known for years that the military and secret government bases have ET and other “Non Human” involvement.
This eyewitness statement by ex Pilot Busty Taylor says it all.
Compounded with the 12 Greys in the Amesbury Abductions, and “the Silence”
From the DVD Bases 2 Take 2 available from unbdergroundvideouk