Bases interviews move to BasesTV Update

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Stepping Stones is part of the Bases project. This is designed to make a new to the subject, get some basic ground information, so they can understand what is about, on the main Bases Project sites.
However :-
Due to the deplatforming of the Bases Project in July 2020, the use of YouTube as a viable platform is completely insecure. The various backup sites suffer badly from “toxic algorithm attack”
YouTube supports the Fabian, WHO and WEF agendas to destroy humanity, and all life on the earth.
As a consequence Bases Project investigative and witness statement interviews are being moved to another platform.
ALL Computer based systems are uncertain, as Kerry Cassidy’s site was attacked recently. The Cabal cannot tolerate any decent other than total compliance to their agenda, at the expense of all life.

Occasional updates and blogs will appear, on the Bases project Censored and Bases Restricted, and Stepping stones to Awareness sites.

Some key files will remain, to keep their website links . Those who wish to share Bases videos best download them and reload to your sites completely separately, But please do credit them as BasesTV sourced

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