Bases at The Barge, held at the Coronation Hall, 2015
Featured the first public appearance of Sarah Adams and boyfriend Max Spiers, with Danielle La Verite.
The 2nd Bases International Conference and Film Festival 2015
Held at the much larger St John’s Theatre on The Hill, Marlborough
Chosen for its big screen and far more comfortable seating for the films.
At last the Film Festival arrived and ten fantastic entries were shown on the 1st day, with three magnificent hand crafted awards given out on the Saturday.
Thanks for Matthew Williams invaluable contribution and assistance over these events and Bases wishes him well in his further works
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Bases at the Barge 2015 Part One Sarah with Max YT

Bases at The Barge Part 2 Max Spiers

Bases at The Barge Part 3 Danielle la Verite 2015