Bases at The Barge 2014

These events are designed for Bases witnesses to meet the public for the first time. Viewers should clearly understand that these are people who have experienced traumatic events in their lives, and this is a massive step for them to be in direct contact with the public.
This Bases at the Barge was to be setting for the Channel 4 1hr 10 min pilot, “The Great UFO Conspiracy” aired on More 4, 11 months later in 2015.
The first live event for the Bases project, featured James Casbolt.
Upon his return from the US and the break up of his marriage, this first and only public appearance by the now jailed James Casbolt was well attended by intelligence agents of many flavours. Casbolt was talking to many different audiences, and many feel he was not under his own control. Events were to turn very bad for him in the coming weeks and months and he is now in jail for 12 year term. Some say to shut him up , others say to face his just rewards.
Max Spiers was to have attended, but was not to do until the following year at The Bases at The Barge (in the Coronation  Hall)
Tony Topping, Ammach witness Jeff Scott, and James Casbolt gave personal accounts.
(The Ammach 2011-212 Lectures are available in the Bases ‘Ammach Archive’.)
The 1st Bases International Conference 2014
Held in the magnificent surrounds of Marlborough College.

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