Hoagland on Gulf Oil Crisis

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A source in this Interview was found dead in early August.
Hoagland on Gulf issues, hosted by Coast to Coast AM’s George Noory. Providing in true Hoagland style, a graphic alert to the extreme dangers, with some solutions to this crisis from the deadly toxins being released into the sea and air. With cancerous toxic rain falling as far north as North Carolina, we need hard data, and not Cover Up.
People in the UK. should look up what Gulf Steream” means, this deadly toxic de-oxyginated water is coming the UK’s way.
Hoagland rightly condemns “internet” data, which he rightly advises is full of agency dis-information, to fan the flames.
This crisis requires Straight, Honest, and ACCESSIBLE independent reporting.
See also film director James Fox’s data on Veritas Radio.
Please subsribe to coasttocoastam and veritas radio, and BrasscheckTV for detailed reports you WONT get from the dumbed down facile BBC reports, or certain other “mainstreet” agencies.
With thanks to YOU TUBE for having this data availble.

With thanks to Coast To Coast Am, and Veritas, who provide further online line data for a small subscription fee.