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The 2nd Annual Leeds Exopolitics conference is on August 7th and 8th, in Leeds, featuring a two day event, and international speakers from the USA, and Australia.
Featuring Stephen Basset of Exopolitics and Paradigm Research Group, Historian and Author Richard Dolan, Australia’s Mary Rodwell Brilliant “Alien Lady” on a speaking tour of the UK, Nick Pope for MoD specialist on UFOs, Gary Hesiltine on the Police data base on UFOs, David Griffin, Richard D Hall, Andrew Johnson, Anthony Beckett, introduced by Franky Ma.
Sooo Much!!
Special UK Premiere of triple Award Winning film by Brad Lockerman “The John Searl Story”, with John Searl appearing in person.

British New Energy inventor Searl, invented the Searl Effect generator decades ago. This film
highlights his life, and the frustrations of bringing new revolutionary ideas on energy
generation to fruitition in the UK.

Promo for this event with thanks to Joanne in the UK. Thanks to by Cara Fay, and Kat King in the US, and approved for release by Brad Lockerman via Cara, Kind Regards