Bases 24 Background to James Casbolt Part 5

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Published on 13 Nov 2015

The second part of witness Duncan Davis’s, aka The Gridkeeper, statement, with his Royal Bloodline connection to King Harold II, and the hints that William the Conqueror was a Reptilian ET, with a Rothschild connection. The major Draco Reptilian ET event , involving a small crashed executive jet, and the recovery of a dead ET (Grey or Reptilian), as mentioned earlier by Casbolt. Gridkeeper describes his personal eyewitness accounts of the events that happened at Goodwood airstrip, just over the hill from the race course.

This and more in this witness statement as the sun sets, one sunny day in August 2013. During the edit Dave Starbuck called and has now sent that original tape referred to in this Bases, of the first interview with James Casbolt in 2006/7 (date not sure) This will be Part 6