Bases 24 Background to James Casbolt Part 3

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Published on 9 Nov 2015

Jan Rodrigo , aka Daniel, gives his real name and urges people to become awake and take action in his closing witness statement over the Casbolt affair. The Gridkeeper follows in part 4
Jan is one of the participants with Casbolt in Cornwall, who came forward to give his witness statement about Casbolt’s past, in view of the now startling circumstances of the Casbolt tail. With those who have been involved with Casbolt, further independent views and information have been made available to corroborate much of his story. Bases 24 continues with another witness, and in part 5 & 6 the final interviews in Cornwall, as he deteriorates after the effects of what he went through at the rituals in the US cause further decline. Bases at The Barge beings Casbolt’s only public appearance in 2014

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