Bases 24 Background to James Casbolt Part 2

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Published on 5 Nov 2015

James Casbolt followed Barry King’s path in the 1990s on the man made ‘Aliens’ originally pioneered by Germany in WW2. As we now know Boscombe & Porton Down, join Peasemore (AL-499) in this tragic tale of Britain’s manufacture of Programmed Generated Life Forms, for use on the Lunar bases and beyond.

King’s father discovered ‘strange looking humans’ , and a strange looking aircraft, in a German lab at a base at the end of the War In Europe 1944.
Here The Bases Project investigates Casbolt’s early life in Cornwall, with two major witnesses.
A tale of drugs, higher learning, ancient knowledge, and skills in the Marshall Arts. Then the link to the intelligence services, and the death of Casbolt’s father.
Here we introduce a second British “Super Soldier” Max Spiers, spoken prior to his Super Soldier summit appearance soon after this recording was made in March 2013.

Here the link with the others is further made.

Bases Witness “Daniel” came by bus all the way from St Ives, in Cornwall, to west London, to deliver his side of the story, before disappearing off to continue his own life away from the hostile gloat of the trolls. With others observing these interviews off camera, they will tell their side as they so choose.

James Casbolt The CLONE, Michael Prince the actual

Clouds House in Wiltshire mentioned

(re-upload with different audio, and title) Part 2 of 6