Bases 13 John Urwin One Step Beyond The Sixteen

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Special Forces veteran John Urwin explains ‘One Step Beyond, The Sixteen”. An ultra special secret military team, which fought the dark forces of the New World Order, from within the British Army, knowing that so much of our government structures and intelligence services across the world had been “captured”, so we could be wiped out and or enslaved IN 1957!

This has more importance now in 2022, than at any time.

This is a frank and revealing discussion with questions from the three women, to John.
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Urwin’s special training took him one step beyond Death and into the multiverse, For Want of a Better Term. He was trained in special fighting technique called The Machine.

This is an adhoc recording made in Nov 20112, at Miles Johnston”s mini studio, used for the Ammach Project., and Bases interviews.
The 3 wise women, Kathy Thomas (who shot the last Max Spiers interview in the UK in 2016), Chooi or “Crystal”, and young singer called Maya.

Urwin explains he has so much more to tell. But it must be done in one go, as a single Film. Urwin only joined the Sixteen, in 1957, immediately upon his entry into the service in 1957.

Anyone who wishes to do so, contact Miles or John Urwin directly.

The 16 recovered ancient high technology data banks, hold ancient inter-dimensional data and records, in 1959, before conscription finally dissolved many aspects of the British Army.
The 16 were given orders, and were NOT acting FOR the British or any other government. Their orders came from ……
Urwin’s interviews covered in Bases 13 and 34, with Sean Stone.

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