Dawn Henderson Mysterious Universe Sept 2022

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Mysterious Universe 2022 – Avebury, By Maria Wheatley,
at Avebury Sports and Social Club. 3rd Sep 2022.

DAWN (D. K.) HENDERSON was guided to write a series of novels based on information she had received soon after the crystal skulls burst into her life in the summer of 2011. The author of The Skull Chronicles series of novels, Lost Legacy was her first book in this series. More books followed, the latest of which, Book VI, was published in late Spring this year (2022). In addition, she has written two short Starspeak volumes of messages for the people of Earth, Forgotten Wings and Heel Lead, channelled from both the crystal skulls and the star races. http://www.dkhenderson.com

Dawn has a long-held deep fascination for ancient mysteries, coupled with a strong conviction that there is much more to the long-ago history of the world than we allow ourselves to believe, and is powerfully drawn to the mystery and atmosphere of ancient sites and unexplained monuments and artefacts.

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