Bases 23 Michael Prince James Casbolt Shooting 2013

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In the final months of James Casbolt’s life in the United states, an attempt was made to kill him. This involved a number of cars, with NSA numbers.
The story goes , that James was shot at almost point blank, but the bullet bounced off him.

This is Max Spiers, with Sarah Adams, giving account of what happened, via sound only, as the link would not support video.
Interestingly Sarah gives a heads up about the Sun Has Changed..something of extreme importance in the current time, (2022), as solar flares and volcanic eruptions now in progress, threaten to push us back to the 1850s, or worse.

recovered for the Bases archive, and released in 2022

James was to be forced out of his marriage, leading to his return to the UK, and ultimately to him being jailed, and never to be see again.

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