The Irish Era Part Seven Part 2 of 4 “KISS FM103.7”

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The use of copyright is being used to stop this historical documentary from being seen.
This is a violation of free speech and a punitive attack on the historical record this documentary accurately portrays

The story of the Massive closedown of the Free Independent stations in the Republic of Ireland continues Features the first Megawatt Station KISS FM 103.7
Part 2 of 4 Full version, without music cuts. Featuring the entire life of KISS FM 103.7, the First Megawatt station, and many of the other stations around Irelandin 1987 and 88, with thanks to many contributors. Otherwise shot entirely by Miles Johnston for historical archive purposes. With BBC Northern Ireland pictures from the Spotlight programme made on KISS FM.
KISS FM was a “matrix breaker”, and dealt with a higher awarenes protocol called Intelligence Transfer Sequencing or “ITS”, later coupled witha proces called “Reality Management”, and a UFO event when the station was about to close. It also involved the start of the Irish Peace Process.
Theme song Simple Minds:- New Gold Dream.
Will try to upload a muted version where the music is cut. This is a Cinema Veritae documentary made as the lives and times of the people involved occured.

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