The Bases Project Update 006

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This is for archive only. Miles Johnston has no association with AMMACH
The Bases Project Ammach update 006, The old Ammach team is back for one last time.
Miles Johnston Has No connection with AMM ACH or any of Sommerville’s long list of companies and other issues using the Megawatts name. Other than the videos edited and shot and prouced until May 2013
I make it clear Scales is a deceiver and dangerous and not to be dealt with.
We cover the two conferences, held in Sept 2012 and the spring event in 2013.
The Black Goo makes its presence felt in an advertisment for the Channel 4 programme, which was started production in late 2012, and aired on June 13th 2013.
And with a Stop Press!! update from Dave Marrow (Ref Bases 7) on a crash of an ancient Viking ET craft in the Orkney Islands, which also effected Northern Ireland. This claim requires verification. This is a Black Goo story, which is now the big thing to research.
Some in the production company OFF were involved with Dave M in an earlier time. Coincidence?

As its clear established media will not do the subject any favours, or treat it seriously, its now imperative that an independent media hub and headquaters is established.
I cannot support ANY Funding requests for Ammach, based on data thats pouring in after the Ch4 programme. I remain under extreme dafamatory attack from many Gang Stalking sources, which is effecting my close friends bitterly, who are in extreem distress and ruiness depression.

Miles has tried to steer the project in a positive direction, and not for self related undisclosed purposes. I STRONGLY Warn that CHEX is step too far for by Joanne, based on the shelving of all other therapists, and her self interest issues.

I cannot have any further contact with So Called Ammach ie Joanne, the control of witnesses and their personal issues have been directly communicated to me, by witnesses showing this has been a serious and continues as a serious threat to ALL witnesses who have made contact with Ammach.

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