The Bases Project 26 Sam Jenkins How Black Ops Killed Ascension

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Sam Jenkins claims he is a MILAB, and Star Seed who has been taken and fully integrated into Synthetic Telepathic mind control by the SEALS (US Navy) for transhumanisation purposes.
The basic premise on Ascension alone requires careful study, so a Stopped Ascension begs further questions.
In this 2nd part of a dire and glum warning to humanity, we continue with the specific examples he highlights, as evidence for this Transhumanisation, End of the Human Era, as How Black Ops Stopped Ascension.
When such information is providede, it must not be believed for any reason. Just observed and taken in a wider perspective. Such warnings should at no time be ignored, as they spell inconvenient or proposterous ideas or concepts.
There are specific tape drop outs at specific statements during the final minutes, often an indication of “external messing about”. One reason why Hard drives cameras are so prone to failure in such circumstances.

Happy viewing. References with web sites included. With thanks to Lorien Fenton who provided the contact.

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