The Bases Project 25 Part Four Super Soldiers

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We talk to some of the super soldiers, and meet Tyler Clark, who reveals the “New Area 51”, a holgraphiclly protected base in the mountains in Washington State, at Devils Gulch. Tyler has RV’d and actually walked up to the base permitter, and seen the “Spherical drone” devices, which are almost invisible. (is there a base there at all?!)
Allegedly protected using sophisticated projection technology, he shows using some Google images some aspects of the devices at the base. (The resolution is too low to see thing properly on this video)
See other reports by Project Camelot and data by James Rink, including the infamous alleged MILAB event.
Max Spiers is another “Brit” and has a similar background to James Casbolt.

Finally an NSA document from James Casbolt relating to the Nelson base in Canada, and Project Ibis.
Some snaps from the girls, Haley Casbolt,Eva Moore, Sarah Adams and Max, in Las Vegas included!

Another drama, or fact, smoke and mirrors, dillusion, illusion what is really going here!?
See Bases 26 for a related, and important feature. Apology for Tyler’s audio, his neck tag kept brushing the mic.
Original attempts to encode this were remotely shut down. So here is another try!

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