Bill Uhouse Area 51 Alien Underground Base from Bases 2

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Full Interview now available in BASES 2 Take 2 Part 5 Extra with Niara Isley

The late Bill Uhouse was a specialist project engineer in Underground base Alien. Please Also see the Dick French Interviews,on a similar line. (From IUFOC 2008)
(Now see James Casbolt, and Matt Todd in Bases 4 Part 1)
Technology exchange programs, designing Flying Disc Simulators at the Nevada Test Site.
He also desribed an EBE, called Jarod (J-Rod), see other posts on the internet.
EXTRA DATA:- He features in a new book by Randy Koppang, Camouflage Through Limited Disclosure.
Book also Features Melinda Leslie, who also appears “Bases 2 Take 2”, with extra graphics c/o The Desert Rat, used with permission.
He describes how you Meet Aliens, The Greys, and the Security Protocols used.
Taped in Dec 1994. Released in 2007 by Miles Johnston
Director:- Underground Video Uk. London