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Announcing the Bases Project Film Festival
We had hoped to have a major film to announce the festival on Dec 7th. The deadlines cant converge so it will be in the spring.

The Bases Film Festival

Deadlines are Now March 17th 2015

I am making a announcement shortly.


The “Awake Group”
Casbolt arrest update
The International Conference highlights
(now available as a separate edit).
The Film Festival is to be held in the spring of 2015, with Awards being given to the best in 6 categories,and one “Peoples Award” from the attendees who can vote for the best one.
Simply split into short (15mins max) Long (about 90 min max)
Amateur low budget
Semi professional with a Budget
Professional level

Submissions to

To encourage raw talent to produce short or long features in human interest subjects and suppressed news genres. That is UFos, aliens, transhumanism, geopolitics. Fracking, new energy systems Alien implants, new world order, Alien abduction, Military Abduction, etc.
Citizen Journalism

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