Bases 51 Joska Ramelow Part 2

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Published on 27 Oct 2015

The use of the suppressed Wilhelm Reich technology to re start a desert to lush vegetation, and how to clean up Nuclear Waste with bacteria. Two of the most important technologies we now require to rid us of the disasterous use of 19th century abuses of Science, and the corrupt Petro Chemical Industries. No wonder they killed Reich, his technology is the answer to the disasterous use of nuclear technology. Part 2 of 2,
The Atmospheric Climate Harmoiser is a use of Reich’s cloud buster tech, with added modifications.

The use of bacteria in cleaning up contaminated land, yes Bacteria converts the radiative soil to a safe lush fertile land.

Thanks to Bases fan Jemma for donating a new clapper board to synchronise the pictures during multicamera shoots! Thank You Jemma!

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