Bases 24 Background to James Casbolt Part 8

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Published on 16 Nov 2015

The Final part of Cathi Morgan’s interviews with James Casbolt in March 2014, shortly before his only live public appearance at ‘Bases At The Barge’ in April. Casbolt brings us to an alleged MILAB drop zone called, Drop Zone Delta, right in St Ives, Cornwall..

The basic issue is:- are secret craft (TRS3B) coming to England’s shores and taking people at night for various secret purposes, in a so called Secret Space Program. First Bases 24 witness claimed yes, as did GridKeeper who witnessed the crash of an executive jet at Goodwood airfield, with others, and Draco ETs recover their dead colleague and the TR3B-alpha at Peasemore, Barry King’s claimed secret base where they make Programmed Generated Life Forms.

This final interview shows James in a more relaxed state, but can anything he says be believed…. where is the evidence?

Within weeks James went on social media, issued emails to his former wifes’ family, and was charged with posting obscene pictures of his former wife, and charged under a new online black mail law, for demanding divorce settlement of $2million.
He pleaded guilty, and was sent down for mental health reports, All of which he passed, and was thus, in mid 2015 formally sent to jail for over 12 years.

James was married into a elite US family, and was with his then to be wife, Haley for many years. His move to the US was against all the advice of all his British friends, who saw him decline from the minute he went to the US. Which included becoming a US citizen, and joining the US Army, for a token length of time. Jame’s emails described horrendous rituals, which caused trauma..

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