Bases 19 After Gina by Marie Kayali Part Two Ver001

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Marie Kayali continues this account of gang stalking and the ultimate killing of her daughter. Her fury in how official’s allowed the person who ultimately caused her death to keep visiting Gina is subdued by her civilisaed and restrained manner. Unlike the various bodies concerned who it seems have betrayed an agenda and network which brings their true motives and agendas to light.
Gina surrounded herself with A Ring Of Fire after her boyfriend was allowed to visit her her hospital, despite a Police order that he should not do so. On the basis it was her civil right to be put in mortal danger at the express violation of her mother, and gaurdians specific wishes.
The Ring of fire is an alleged Satanic cult which certain Mental Health nurses have been claimed to be a part of.
And a certain past member of a public service broadcaster.
The level of how many officials from various bodies seemed to allegedly co-operate in the ultimate death of Gina illustrates the horror and the massive networking involved.
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