The Blair Twins Reveal Horror of Home Hell

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Interview with Bobby and Joseph Blair on 25th August, 2018 at 5 pm
Joseph and Bobby Blair (twin brothers) were raped from the age of 12 in St. Patricks Boys Home and in Curcobin Boys home in Ireland. They have just won the biggest enquiry in Europe but they still haven’t had any justice. Their case was the worst case of child abuse because being identical twins it was a fantasy at the hands of the Christian Brothers and priests.

Title: Twin brothers Reveal Horror of Home Hell
Joseph and Bobby who now live in Birmingham talk to Caroline Stephens about their child sexual abuse case and why they feel that they’ve been abandoned by the authorities. Many other victims are dying and highlight that child abuse numbers are increasing despite the fact that laws have been change to protect children yet the government is still letting victims down. Why is child abuse continuing to be covered up?

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