Stepping Stones to Awareness with Michael Shrimpton

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In a revealing and extremely informative interview, Caroline gets Michael to reveal many shocking secrets and “well known” facts about the EU, and how it was a design mastered in WW2 Nazi Germany, and how our key politicians who brought the UK into the EU, where in fact “assets” of the secret German intelligence agency the DVD. All explained in his very detailed book Spy Hunter.

Shrimpton was jailed for blowing the whistle on a twin nuke plan to blow up the London Olympics. He is currently fighting to have the charges revoked, as he has proof the nukes existed and how they were taken off UK soil in a speedy operation to get 2 of the 4 weapons away.

He has spoken at AV7, and Bases Project Conferences in the UK and Dublin, and has several “lecture” presentations on The Bases projects site.

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