Matt Todd Ammach Interview

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Remote Viewer and specialist Matt Todd discussing the false Ascension, mass sightings. Matt is skilled out of body operational ET and underground base researcher. He has a number of implants, which he explains and is suffering from. He describes how our TV satellites are “blocked from access” as they are under hostile control. The Moon is also barred from Remote Viewing, and the discussion of the earth now being made into a quarantine zone, or Prison Planet, and weapons platforms all discussed. Interview donated to the Ammach Project by Miles Johnston(Former creative director), with no current connection with this once highly prized project founded by Miles Johnston, David Griffin and Dave Hodrien, with Jo Summerscales

Yet the militarization of space,modern Nazis involvement with the bases on the farside of the moon, and the ones on Mars, An Iron Sky situation without the comedy. Matt opens with a Hi to James Casbolt.

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