Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens In London 3 of 4

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Bolvian Contactee Luis Ferando Mostajo gave this presentation by special invite, in London’s Theosophical Society, at the start of his UK tour. Spanish with english translation.
Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens, from Bolivia, is one of the most important contemporary ET contactees, his contact with extraterrestrials stated in 1977, leading to physical encounters with extraterrestrial beings, and assisting them with planetary assistance programs run by the Inner Positive Government of Humanity, He began to share his experiences and knowledge by giving Contact Preparation courses and talks on the subject. He has written and published 5 books about these messages.. He has been prepared as an Instructor in inner-development techniques in a physical, mental and spiritual level giving courses on the conscientious use of energy and Xolar Initiation.