Dr John Alexander Bases Backroom Interview

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Dr John Alexander is one the most controversial and experienced figures in the Black Ops, Non lethal Weapons arena, including UFOs, which has been his interest since 1947. Here we talk about his basic background, his new book UFOs:- Myths, Conspiracies and Realities. He states bluntly UFOs AreReal, the universe is a highly complex place, but also states “UFOs is a Toxic subject”.
We must get the scientific community to embrace this data, and apply their mind skills to this issue. He also greatly expands the case load of the Bentwaters/Woodbridge UFO events to include months after the Dec 80 sigthings and even back to WW2, which Brenda Butler, the local UK researcher has been saying for 30 years.(see Bases 3)
He is also author of several books on Non lethal Weapons.
This is 2nd of two backroom interviews at the 20th International UFO Congress, Fort McDowell. The first being with Carol Rosin. Available as a DVD from megawatts@blueyonder.co.uk