Claimed Stanley Kubrick Confession To Faking The Moon Landings

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This is a narrative to a fake interview shot to create the false idea the moon landings were filmed by Stanley Kubrick. It is dis information:-

This has no bearing on whether the actual landings took place, or did not.:- This interview, and the reasons behind it require discussion, and this is the reason it is available here. This is an actor, and it is a setup fake interview.

Stanley Kubrick Confesses To Faking The Moon Landings.
Filmmaker T. Patrick Murray interviewed Kubrick three days before his death in March 1999. He was forced to sign an 88-page NDA to keep the contents of the interview a secret for 15 years.

This a compilation of two unedited clips from the original interview, allegedly with Kubrick 3 days before his death, in 1999. Which had a 15 year embargo on it. Complete with transcript at the end.
Source :- Your Newswire dot com

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