Blog at the MPTS May 2024 Olympia

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The UK Media Production and Technology show, at Olympia exhibition centre, in the centre of London May 2024. This has returned and grown bigger., Usually the Tek stuff was in a far bigger area, London Excel.
This is fast blast Blog:-
The point here is – Utterly useless audio from Samsung Mobile phones, able to be fixed by DaVinci Resolve from Blakmagicdesign. The now far bigger aspect from the Technology side. But:-
Concentrating on AI, and the utterly insane “Zero CO2” fake climate agenda, complete psy-op at the media. The myopic state of the industry, completely ignorant of what has just happened (The huge Solar storms just one here saw it!). The industry so blind they cannot see they are being used to trial and test the Deep Fake of Live shows , so NOTHING you will see will ever be “Real”, all will go through a massive real-time AI fakery.

The Woke “Zombie” BBC and “industry, drip wet” executives shows how much the real world is in trouble. Nothing “real” going on here.

This is a bog to give non industry wider public an quick look at the main industry event for the year.

The BVE – Broadcast Video Exhibition was previously held in the London Excel. BUT it was cancelled the summer before the CV-Op. So they MUST have known the CV-Op was coming, so they cancelled at the Excel, which was to become the empty Nightingale hospital. Complicity with the planned genocide, and still following the Zoros -WEF – WHO-UN narrative.

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