BASES2023 UFO Special 20 March Fast Blast Promo

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This BASES2023 fast blast includes the Irish Era of Pirate Radio The Camera Tapes” news, that the Irish Era,. as shot from 1979 to 2005 is being re-ingested to computer. The Irish Era – Camera Tapes will be released, when this is done. The Irish Era covered one of the most crucial developments of broadcasting, which happened in Ireland in 1970s through to 2005, when Energy 106, was finally taken off the air. It really began with Radio Caroline in 1963, but this era is about the people who made it happen.AS it Happened.

We show several important books on Consciousness , and give further updates on the now 4 speakers for BASES2023 UFO Special.
The complete Wipe out of all organic life is now clearly the goal of these “elite” parasites who have laid their plans to kill us all.

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