BASES2023 Gwendolyn Awen Jones Callanish The Crown

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Lecture presentation on Callanish Stone Circle, north western Scottish Islands,
The full version of her talk is available on the Megalithomania websites.

Gwendolyn Awen Jones is an award-winning author known for her books on healing and spirituality. She was born in England with a natural gift of spiritual sight that allows her to see the subtle energies beyond the normal physical world. She trained as an artist and photographer and has traveled widely to research and record the sacred knowledge encoded in ancient places. While visiting Mexico to photograph ancient sites in the Yucatan she became seriously ill. Doctors’ medicines did not help her but she found the healing she needed with an old Mayan “curandera”. This healer had foreseen that Gwendolyn would come to her in a dream two years previously and had been awaiting her arrival. She healed Gwendolyn and trained her to use her spiritual gifts for healing others. Gwendolyn subsequently trained with other healers in England and North America to fine-tune her gifts.

Gwendolyn lectures across America, Britain and Europe. She is able to see all levels of the human energy field, and helps clients resolve the problems that are causing disease by working with the light from the Source to remove blocked energies around people or locations so balance can be restored. Gwendolyn currently works in the USA as a medical intuitive, healer and spiritual teacher.

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