Bases Update On ET Tek on the MOD bases 6th Jan 2023

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Antarctica has a crashed Draco craft, likened to the asteroid some called an alien craft,Oumuamua. Today, after Remote Viewer information was relayed to myself, a British base in Wiltshire, near the controversial blown up ‘DUMB’, under the Lyneham road B4069, that was near the major radiation leak, recorded by the now censored Royal Wooton Bassett sensor earlier in 2021, right beside MoD (ex-RAF) Lyneham. Miles travelled to the base perimeter at the time, and found extremely low radiation readings, well below background, yet the sensor in the nearby village at Wooton Bassett was reading 1050uSv. You need Iodine at 100.
Earlier, the Cherhill area, immediately under famous Cherhill white horse, was identified as having a very large very old craft underground. The area has various MoD buildings scattered nearby. Certain military personnel showed Miles “attention” while doing an edit in Devizes, at the white horse.
A further major “cloaked” facility at Fosbury, was “sniffed out”, with Miles and famous dowser, Maria Wheatley

The original BASES 1 in 1994, was all about MoD bases in Berkshire (AL-499) Peasemore being connected with man made aliens, for the “Lunar Base” and for off planet use. PGLFs, which were being made originally by the Germans, and brought to the UK during WW2.
The term UFOs – No Defence Significance, is basically the MoD is involved with various ETs, and they are of no defence significance.
Basically “So What”!

The Antarctic craft’s “steller drive”, for want of a better term, was removed and is used to drive the “Gate” under Lyneham. This huge craft like Oumuamua, crashed , leaving a deep mark in the ground, where snow will not settle, to this day. The “Graphene” type skin on the pointed end of this Draco craft, the British removed, and as with the Black Goo, from the former German U-boat refueling station on Thule Island, brought to England, and is now in use under Lyneham. Or So the data implies. the nuclear radiation… that was “leaking” for many days and weeks, gave the game away. No by ITS significant presence, but by the LACK of radiation at the former RAF base.

LACK of something is still important, as it shows something is shielding it. WHY!?

Draco have been identified by multiple witnesses in UK tunnel systems and used by high level Masons in their rituals. Or what they HAD been, as so much is changed in recent months and years.

There is no Proof of any of this! So just “dream on….”

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