Bases Blog Exceptional heavy Snow Son 1st Jan 2024

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Norway gets lots of snow! Gosh! What a surprise! So when Anne says make a recording of this snowfall, she’s alarming. Its a heck of a lot 1m over in the west. Weather Alerts. During the day, so much has fallen, even Miles’s digging out a path, it was already filling up quickly.
This captures the local snow plough man, doing in seconds what exhausted Miles over 45 minutes of heavy snow digging.

(Wrong type of coat meant sweating.. a lethal combination in winter conditions… you cannot allow clothing that makes you sweat . As that cools off , it can be lethal, as it turns to ice. It also means wet shirts and socks. which conduct the cold into the bone.
So choice of winter coats and garments is crucial.)
Climate change , due to the solar and magnetic field effects, from what’s called “Birkeland currents ” within the region of space we are in, causes the magnetic flux and field effects in the Sun, and the planets. Magnetic filed changes means more charged particle in the upper atmosphere, more water retention in the atmosphere, which gives heavy rains and snow falls.

What’s happening here in Norway will follow through to heavier rains and soon, snow falls in the southern regions… causing major crop failures at latitudes that used to supply us with our food.

This is of course denied by our fraudulent science, so allowing for the continued climate change lies of global warming from CO2.

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