Bases at The Barge April 19th 2015 fast blast 01

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Published on Feb 8, 2015

fast blast Bases Update of the progress of the build and fast announcement of The Bases at The Barge April 19th,
NEW Location, the Coronation Hall. Alton Barnes, just 1/2 mile from the Barge Inn, Honeystreet, a great place for crop circles and UFOs, in the Pewsey valley Wiltshire.! Order you Sunday lunch before the event at the Barge. Local taxi available.
See website page for PayPal details £15 at the door. This is a major event BE THERE!

Speakers:- Max Spiers, Sarah Adams and Danielle la Veritie. Max will be giving a briefing on MK Ultra, and a special Top Tossers of the week to end the day with Danielle la Veritie. Sarah has vital data from the world of the supersoldiers…….

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