Bases 96 1 Introducing Tanglefoot Geni Sisk

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This is an introduction to a friend of mine called Tanglefoot:-

Tanglefoot is a powerful thunder shaman, channeling the mysterious forces of Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery. She is a life long contactee, yet underwent a profound transformation, after being in a cave at a drum circle. She is also extraterrestrial “Walk-In” with many gifts and abilities who is serious about her mission. A walk-in is a person who’s original soul has departed and voluntarily exchanges places with a new soul usually a 4th to 6th dimensional being in order to finish a mission on the planet.
Tanglefoot is a Heyoka empath, channeling this free flowing mystical “improve” energy from the center of the earth through the portals of the body back to the heavens of our ancestors. Enjoy some of her adventures, talks and channeled energy through her body and with the sound of the drums, sitar and rattle from “TangleFoot Thunder Paranormal Paramedics”.

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