Bases 9 James Casbolt Part Four

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In this final and 4th part of Bases 9, (See 2nd edition for much more on Nazi and soul splicing and Betwaters Greys) we involve one of the earlier participants in this series, Lisa, discussing Ron Adams and the details of the SS Nazi link in this Alien UFO story. The link with SS General Kammler in the CURRENT time frame is made.
Ron Adams’s family was given unique access to USAF Bentwaters, and all suffered MILABS at the hand of the USAF at Bentwaters and the Greys. A terror of massive spiders was evident. Similar to a massive 20ft shadow spider or “Scuttler” robotoid A-I creature at a west London broadcaster in October2010.
James discusses a shoot down of an Octoform ET in St Ives in March 2011, and shoot down of a Cessna plane at an airfield in southern England, with a Reptilian ET on board. The association with the Grid Keeper is made.

See Bases 1,2,4,5 and 7 for previous data on this. I once again state Casbolt,or birth name Michael Prince has not yet offered PHYSICAL evidence of these claims. The viewer must take all claims in context and understand the extremly dangerous ramifications. Prince states we can expect Alien actions in the public domain.
This Remains a Story, without sufficient evidence for verification. As more material may arrive from Barry King, this remains as Version 1 From the DVD Bases 9

AREA 51: “Black forever project” revealed
AREA 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base
Black Ops whistleblower says U.S. government continued secret human “medical” experiments started by Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi madman

It’s absolutely stunning what internationally recognized investigative reporter Annie Jacobsen revealed to the world on May 17, 2011 about the dark side of our own government in her book “Area 51 — an uncensored history of America’s top secret military base.”

The 500-plus page tome is a true Mayday warning that those at the top of the military/political pole of power have sold the nation’s soul to the devil. This is not an overstatement. What is revealed will be totally new to all but those involved in deep Black Operations.

So jump immediately to page 367 of Jacobsen’s book and then read the rest of the book later. That is where she begins revealing information from one of only five engineers assigned to a Black Project considered “so important that it would remain black forever.”