Bases 8 Chris Thomas – Project Human Extinction in brief

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Chris Thomas explains the Velon threat – in brief. The complete con and lie of Ascension, The Nibiru farce and lie from the Annunaki. The Velon, in brief

Recorded in August 2010, this rare reload of the late Chris Thomas’s vital explanation of the Velon arrival and threat 300 plus years ago, and how the lie was written into history. How they took over the Masons and Illuminati.

Full interview only available on Bases -TV launching in summer 2023

Reloaded in HD, from the Bases archive.

Chris had already sustained an attempted assassination, and is not in a healthy state.
The only other interview he gave was with Terje Tofteness, from Norway. This interview is by Miles Johnston, published in 2010, deplatformed by YouTube, the enemy of of humanity

This is extremely rare information, and completely blows the whistle on the greatest con humanity has, and is of immediate need to understand what is happening NOW.

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