Bases 5 Part 1 Mind Control with Rauni Kilde

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Uploaded on Jul 22, 2009

Rauni passed away Feb 8th 2015, we send her love and celebrate her achievements. She wrote a book There is No Death. Bless her, a dear and wonderful friend.
Mind Control Specialist and author Rauni Kilde has been at the fore front, in the medical & UFO fields, to break new ground in the Out Of Body, Human No Death experience. She has published many books in Scandinavia, and spoken at the International UFO Congress, Exo-Politics USA,and been a guest in the Soviet Union and USA on Mind Control.
This initial part of BASES FIVE had crucial sections of what Rauni said censored, by the physical deletion from the master camera tapes and hard drive by sources invisible and unknown. Something she herself has experience and evidence of. Available on DVD BASES 5.
She has suffered vitriolic character assassination by those who wish to dispel the Mind Control and Out of Body Human data.
It’s clear that Human Death, and the so called ETs have a link, and a crucially important one.