Bases 5 HD Rauni Kilde Part Two

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Published on 2 Feb 2016

Bases 5 continues with the second HD edit of Dr Rauni Kilde’s interviews in July 2009.
So much was lost due to corruption and cyber attack on the camera at the first interview, I returned to Son in the summer. Then once again we had issues. This was to be Raunis first major interview for years, and many more were to follow. Her clip on the Swine Flu scandal reaching over 3 million hits.

With her death a year ago, we convey some extra material hitherto lost in corrupt files as a result of the Targeting she endured, which eventually led to her death in Feb 2015. Rauni being a pioneer in so many ways.

YouTube banned her statement on the scandalous fraud of the Swine Flu vaccine, an World Health Organisation Scam, which the EU was to investigate the day after it was banned. Something YouTube never addressed and are responsible for the deaths and suffering by that vaccine, had her warning NOT been taken down, with no redress or reason given.

This is a GROSS Abuse of power YouTube, when a former Chief Medical Officer’s advice on a major medical issue of global concern is taken down.

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