Bases 48 Peter Paget Update July 30th 2017

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The absolute terror of the utter disastereous Fukusima event is discussed with ex British Secret Agent and ET hybrid, Peter Paget, in this skype interview in England, late July 2017, an update to his Bases 48 Warminster Disclosure lectures and his Project Camelot interviews and High Elms Manor lectures, and the Bases Project 2016 International briefings./
We are under Extreme threat from this multi reactor “accident”, and as the sun turns a major CME.

This and more, from a Sunday afternoon chat via Skype on a English countryside afternoon chat, with author Secret Life of a Spook.

Paget’s and his elite independent intelligence group is to warn people who will listen and undertstand issues on the expected termination, or practical erradiaction of all life on earth, inside and out.. so nthing to worry about really….

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