Bases 48 2 Peter Paget Disclosure Worksho Part 1

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Peter Paget is a former science advisor to the UK government, and the 1960s, was brought in to deal wit the massive explosion of UFO events in Warminster, Wiltshire. This became know as The Warminster Thing. There is a major ‘MoD’ Army base in the area, and Longleet Country park, and a number of large ancient hills and monuments.

Further witnesses claim major deep tunnel networks are under the area.
Peter has written a number of books one was The Welsh Triangle, banned by the Mod when it was released. Now available as a reprint.
Peter was also brought in to deal with ET accessing the systems at NATO listening base,. in wales, which could “here” ET activity by ETs on the Atlantic ocean sea bed. They didn’t like that.

Peter is also aware of the “intelligence” within computers and how they access human consciousness, as Miles Johnston has been speaking about.

Miles was asked to record Peter’s presentation, bu did not record the formal lecture(As it was being recorded by the event organizer – which never surfaced) he gave, except by hand held video camera. This Lecture is that first section of Bases 48. He then gave three special workshops, at the same venue, which were specially recorded.

This is a reload, due to YouTube deleting all the Bases project material in July 2021.


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