Bases 32 Message From a Bottle Part Two

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This is part 2 Joshua Patrick reviews the psychological literature of trauma and extraterrestrials/flying saucers wherein a person’s psyche is traumatized in youth to create a split personality which retains the original abilities at that time of traumatization. In childhood this includes the powerful theta brain state, magical thinking, and belief systems, that in a holographic concept of reality, can produce magical effects within the mind’s eyes of yourself and other people because the state acts as a psychic portal. Josh reviews his paper “Extraordinary Magical Beliefs and their Personal and Social Exchange Value:
Flying Saucers and Extra-Terrestrials As Archetypes of Social Unrest and Inclination For Human Evolution” as projected research, with the history and context of such metaphysical belief systems, and their operability, in light of the substantial amount of alien/UFO evidence and experiences. Josh reviews his own psychic vision of being a clone/hybrid/PGLF in a deep state of trance, as triggered by James Casbolt’s hypnotic speech patterns and directed psychic vision from Bases IV.
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