Bases 3 Rendlesham UFO Events The British Investigators Part 4

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David Monceur, a seasoned investigator from Scotland gives the insight into the strange death of the late Ron Adams, interviewed for Bases 2. Ron died weeks after the interview, but not before David was able to get the story about Ron’s family life At Betwatrers USAF base, in the late 1970s.. Spiders, MILAB’ed, access almost all areas. Ron was to suffer a heart attack after months of attacks by the Greys. He smoked heagvily to poison his blood so the Greys wouldn’t get him, they did in the end. Ron was researching Crowley, and even named hi cottage after him,… role on to teh presenet with Tim Refat.
The we have further deep material on teh earlier aspects of what was going on at those Bases, Bentwaters and Woodbridge with input from expoliceman and co editor publisher of Haunted Skies
books by Dawn Holloway and John Hanson.
Followed by a re-release of the inetrview ith Col John B Alexander, who alos disclsoed in 2011, how Bentwaters had multiple earlier incidents, many to still come out. He exclaims UFOs are Real.

Further interviews to follow, in this long BASES 3 multi-part series about the British Researchers into the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incidents.

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