Bases 25 Part 3 Interview with an MIB

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The Super Soldier Summit alleged MILAB abduction event continues, with the Exclusive First EVER!!! Interview with a Man In Black, or MIB.
Jay Collins asked Miles (now in West London) for a Skype Disclosure on the infamous Men In Black. Part of Bases 25.

Fantasy or fiction.. or the real deal. With disturbing and graphic descriptions, and Miles himself now in the frame as One Of The Super Soldiers. Taken to Area 51, 100miles north eats of Las Vegas, and a little post event visit with John Lear and Octoform (EIGHT LEGs) creatures on the moon (Off camera and not recorded.. its called PRIVATE)
John described how 2 of his grand children were recently taken to the Moon, and exposed to these 8 legged Mantis creatures.
This and more… see Part 4.

See Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelt and James Rink for further detailed interviews on this Super Soldier Summit mass MILAB event with 18 people taken for the Trip Seats (See Bases ONE 2010)
Once again this is RAW data, and for Research Only and Cannot be Verified… unless you know someone who can……

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