Bases 14 The Real John Lear In His Lair Part One

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John Lear establishes his background in the first section of John Lear In His Lair Ver 01.(Ver 02 will include extra details John added via SKYPE)
AMMACH Project Conference is on Aug31st,Sept 2nd 2012 Britannia Hotel Nottingham
Shot in HDV in Las Vegas, by Miles Johnston with Anne Hess in Feb 2012. This section concentrates of John Lear the man and his flying career.
The sections on the Lunar and Mars bases and Area51 with Bob Lazar are in Parts 2 and 3.
John is being plagued by the Shadow People, as with DrRauni Kilde,as important data and bugging have been targeted at the lair for decades.
In any case we had fun doing this interview with a great flyer,pilot and all around fun very sharp man. Between the fun there is a serious and important message.