Bases 139 Mark Rayworth Part 1 Introduction

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Welsh Experiencer and TI -Empowered Individual Mark Rayworth, is a former Mason, Knights Templar.

He has given lectures to the Swansea UFO network, and here his insights and knowledge of Masonic Ritual and their interaction with what we would call Reptilian Aliens, gives us a far more insightful and wider perspective of the so called Alien Agenda. As with Tim Rifat he states the Astral is a tricksters domain, and we must get past that. A deep and wide ranging chat.

He highlights a UFO experience, which wasn’t. He in fact was directly manifesting and controlling.What most would call a daylight disk or UFO, was an “orb”

A far more informed step into complex areas of perception and reality management.

Part 1.

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