Bases 13 John Urwin, The Sixteen, SuperSoldier part 1 Ver 003

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This is a Level 1 introduction to John Urwin’s concepts and background.The Researcher should understand that a far higher degree of understanding and information will be revealed in due course.
British 16 Elite military force of the late 1950s, John Urwin re-interviewed early 2012, after his 2010 interview, now reveals that the British Military officer that induced him into The 16, was Non Human.
So revisiting John Urwin in 2012,BASES 13 details John’s recollection of how he was recruited into an Elite British Military Force called The 16, in 1958. As the interview progressed John recalls more information than ever before about, what is now POSSIBLY a Non Human British Military Officer.
Huge flying discs (Of German Origin?) at Jareba in 1959, a base between Israel and Syria (Taken off all maps since), and the recovery of two mysterious Ancient Alien or Human crystals. A technology for Energy Weapons and Dimensional gateways?
In Part 1,(Ver 002) John describes in detail his recruitment to the 16, and One Step Beyond…….. Death itself. With sections from 210 interview included.
He describes how the Egyptian elite force the 777s recently asked him back to Cairo, to honour him, after they read his book, One Step Beyond… The 16, and his account of his operations in Cairo in 1958 and 59.Urwin’s secret is “The Machine”. SAS
Officers have visited him, and they failed the test!. Urwin castigates the SAS for publicizing their skills in books and YouTube.
Part 2 detailing some of his missions is to follow in 2 weeks.

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