Bases 11 Nick Pope

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Nick Pope gave this very seriously revealing interview to Miles Johnston in Nov 2006. In this interview he releases very serious data about actual real, physical UFOs, on radar and filmed by ” RAF gun cameras”.
Pope was under serious time pressure, and in this period with Miles, he reveals vital information, which the astute researcher needs to pay very careful attention to. Including the involvement of a Shadow Spider intelligence, which he refers to, very briefly “His masters would not approve”.
In view of these large Shadow Spider/Crab beings involvement with our electrical power and broadcast systems,Pope has perhaps indicated “what” and “who” the earth bound aliens creatures really are.
FOI requires the release of the many RAF Fighter “UFO Gun Camera” films he has mentioned.
For this reason, and Edge TVs airing of an early first cut,on British TV SKY Channel 200, this Re-Edit in 2012 is now released in full, as BASES11.