Anne Hess and Liilay Passing Blog 4th march 2024

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Anne Hess died late on 29th Feb, in her home, from a collapse yet to be explained. Her faithful and deeply loved dog Liilah could only site outside her bathroom, knowing she was dying. She was only able to see her mid morning on the Friday when the builder came in looking for Anne.
Anne was is a dreadful and shocking state.
This trauma was so much for her, that Liilay simply collapsed. She stopped taking water and any food soon afterwards and simply stopped moving. She passed away today, Monday 4th of March 2024. The vet explained she was in severe trauma, and suffering multiple organ failure
Only a year ago she had a litter of 8 puppies. The decline in health of both Liilah and Anne in recent months, remains unaccounted for.

Both Anne and Liilah were extremely close friends of mine. Liilah was just over 9, and had 2 litters and was deeply loved. Anne’s collapse in health, requiring her to use a stick was of extreme concern, with pains in her leg, making it impossible for her to walk Liilah without the use of her car,. (See Son Blog Dec 2023).

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