AMMACH Shelton Session Two

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This is for archive only. Miles Johnston has no association with AMMACH
In one the most controversial interviews to date, former Ministry of Defence remote Viewer, John Shelton was butchered and grossly mistreated by a criminal nurse at the National Health Service.(Later sentenced to 12 years for child abuse and rape)
The NHS actively tracks and “treats” telepathic “rhesus -ve” Blood groups (By no means exclusive to this group) within the population to kill off or prevent from reproducing, highly empathic “Off World or Off planet” communication by humans who can reach out to the stars as the target.
This is to enforce the imprisionment, capture, eventual destruction and enslavement of humanity.
Similar issues arise with Star Seed, Spectrum and the new generations of highly talented and evolving children blasted by a designer education system to boar them to a retinlin destination, further affirming the conspiracy by a hidden alien forec to kill off humanity’s flower of its new born..
Shelton’s ground breaking testimony is vital in the war to break humanity free from enslavement by a totally evil alien race of beings that has Humanity’s future as a obedient slave race, what’s left of it…..

Sections of the ancient witch craft act are in use to shut down and kill off evolving humans. John was a victim to this despotic law.
Originally in HDV

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