YouTube Censorship a Crime against Humanity?

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With the United Nation’s World Health Organisation’s primary sponsor, identified as Bill Gates, who has bought his way into governements and health companies across the world,(Big Pharma) are Laws and regulatory authourities now severely compromised to a Treasonous level, with the global Forced Vaccinations under way. Governments have lept to his tune, betraying the rights of their peoples and violating their own laws. In the UK OFCOM and the BBC are compromsied, and now the UK governemnts chief advisor for the lock down has been shown to a fraud, with multiple failed predictions on his record.
The Imperial College scientific paper, the UK governemnt used to justify the lock down has been ripped to shreds as a “mess”. (As reported in the Sunday news papers in the UK) YouTube’s position it can be argued is now in serious doubt and, and has been commiting crimes against humanity as it forbids scientific debate from scientists on this issue. The strength and popularity was that you could openly discuss many different matters. Now it has closed the door and is censoring sites and shutting down sites across the world.
So Is this is the act of Dictaorship, under what some now claim is the rule of the 5th Reich?

So:- The question has to be asked.
in the meantime enjoy the wild herbs, while we are still allowed to have them in an English Country Garden……

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